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About Us

Outdoor Media Resources was founded in 1988 by Sherry G. Kerr, who continues to own and operate the agency. For more than 20 years, OMR has specialized in public relations and marketing communications for the shooting/outdoor sports, representing many of the best-known names in the shooting sports and outdoors.

Because we work exclusively in one industry, we’re able to stay abreast of industry trends, maintain a high profile in the industry, and develop advantageous contacts among the press and with manufacturers and organizations who have the potential to be marketing partners.  We actually participate in the outdoor activities we promote, so we understand the products and services and can offer first-hand experience to the media. 

Although OMR is an outside agency, when we work with the media or otherwise represent the company, we are not OMR – we are our client’s brand. Our client’s company is our company, their customers are our customers.  It is not our mission to promote ourselves but the brands we represent. 

We recognize that time is critical to members of the press.  We’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure you have the products, information, and resources to meet your deadline, taking into account your individual requirements.  We urge the media to contact us when you have last-minute needs.  Go ahead; try us.

We consider a writer’s need for our assistance to be a privilege and an opportunity.  We know that reputable writers seldom actually need our clients’ products and services, as competitors are eager to supply them and reap the benefits.   

OMR is a small agency by design; we choose to represent only companies of integrity in whom we have confidence and trust.  The benefit to the client is that we can promote their products and services with sincerity and honesty.  The benefit to the outdoor press is that you can always depend on us to suggest products and services that are appropriate to your publications and readers. We’ll protect your integrity as well as our own.

We are not an advertising agency that also does public relations work for its clients.  We believe in the power and efficacy of public relations, and that is our sole focus. 


Sherry G. Kerrsherry-and-deer-225w

Sherry developed her public relations skills on the opposite side of the equation – as a writer and editor.  Because she was frequently frustrated by agencies and in-house personnel who were not as responsive or knowledgeable as she felt they should be, she determined to have a different type of PR agency than most she encountered, one that made “helping writers and editors do their jobs” her guiding principle.

Sherry began shooting rifles and handguns with her dad and brother as a teenager, but it never occurred to anyone that she could hunt with them. Girls didn’t hunt!  In 1983, Sherry entered the hunting and outdoors industry as the marketing manager for a hunting operation, learning that women can and do hunt. With a background in English and journalism, she also began working as a writer and editor for numerous outdoor magazines and books.  Over the past 25 years, she has hunted big and small game all over North America.